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Indoor areas are breeding grounds for dangerous microbes that can make your employees and customers sick. Take action now to squash those germs and keep your environment safe.

Our products are EPA registered and approved for use on all hard and soft surfaces, including food prep areas, and fabrics. You don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals leaching into your food, harming your customers and employees, or damaging your equipment.

Athletic Facilities

Athletic facilities can host debilitating strains of antibiotic-resistant Staph infections and other harmful microbes that could cause season-ending illnesses, amputation, or even death. Disinfect and protect with our line of industry-leading products with a proven history of success.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings, large or small, are a hot bed for germs and other harmful microbes. High touch surfaces within can be difficult to keep clean. Disinfect and protect with our advanced antimicrobial products with a long, proven history of success.


Handheld and personal electronics are used constantly, passed from person to person and surface to surface, making them a breeding ground for germs. Safely disinfect and protect your electronics with our line of Microbe Free Solutions’ products.

Fleet Vehicles

Whether you’re in an ambulance, police car, rental car, fire truck, or company vehicle, these fleet vehicles can be huge breeding grounds for harmful microbes unless they are disinfected and protected properly. While the interior may look clean, it is impossible to see the invisible harmful germs and bacteria. Our simple application methods can disinfect and protect any size vehicle.

Public Transit

Whether you’re in a train, bus, or rail car, public transit can be a huge breeding ground for harmful microbes unless they are disinfected properly. With so many different people constantly coming in and out of mass transit, harmful microbes are easily spread throughout these systems.

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